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Clint Gresham’s Hope through Disappointment and Failure

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 31 Oct 2017Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Listen: Duncan Robinson chats with Superbowl champ Clint Gresham.

For most of his life, Clint Gresham, like many if not most of us, experienced the world through the lens of outcomes: Academics. Behaviour. Sports victories. Career. Relationships. Material success. The underlying message? When the outcomes are good, you are good. When the outcomes are bad, you are bad.

Gresham’s new book “Becoming” unfolds a gripping and inspirational reality check, reminding us all that the point of life is not the destination, but the journey. Each of us is in the process of becoming who God designed us to be.  While the journey can be painful, it is also necessary―a process that must be fully embraced if we are to experience wholeness of soul. By fixing your heart on God’s process, the outcomes take care of themselves.

In his conversation with Duncan Robinson from Hope Breakfast, Gresham explains how our ups and downs are a beautiful story God is telling through us.  We are all Becoming . . . something incredible.

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