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Amputee War Veteran rides 10,000kms home

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 22 Nov 2016Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

Vietnam veteran Laurie ‘Truck’ Sams has arrived home to Australia after six months of bike riding, starting in Hanoi.

The one-legged ex-SAS cyclist rode his bike through six countries, covering 10000kms, to raise awareness of the crippling effects of post-traumatic stress disorder.

Sams, a former world champion skydiver, lost his left leg in a parachute accident in 1995, receiving Australia’s Star of Courage medal for rolling over to save his tandem parachute student. He has been on the road since leaving the Australian Embassy in Hanoi on May 12.


Laurie joined Laura & Duncan on the Brekky show to discuss the cause that is so close to his heart.

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