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“When I Heard Hope It Changed My Life”

There’s nothing better at Hope 103.2 than when listeners phone or write to us and share how the station has impacted their life.Here’s just a few of the many stories that Hope supporters shared during June Appeal 2015.Hope In The Midst Of HardshipLisa – “I lost the four most pivotal people in my life…”http://downloads.hopemedia.com.au/webstories/j15-lisa-lostfourlovedones.mp3 Ten years […]

By Andrew MorrisMonday 6 Jul 2015Inspirational StoriesReading Time: 8 minutes

There’s nothing better at Hope 103.2 than when listeners phone or write to us and share how the station has impacted their life.

Here’s just a few of the many stories that Hope supporters shared during June Appeal 2015.

Hope In The Midst Of Hardship


Lisa – “I lost the four most pivotal people in my life…”


Ten years ago, Lisa’s world fell apart around her.

“I lost the four most pivotal people in her life,” she said. “My mother died, my best friend died of breast cancer, my sister died and my husband left me after 20 years of marriage.

“And I just I can’t explain how the programs [on Hope 1032] have morphed and fit every situation on my journey of healing from that point to this.

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“I’m so blessed and grateful. I can’t think of a better way to start the morning than tuning in to John North’s Time With God. I’m really grateful for everything I hear on Hope.”

Rania – “Life became very difficult after I lost my first child…”


When she first came to Australia many years ago, Rania was young and on her own. Listening to Hope 103.2 helped her through a lonely time.

“Before I knew it, Hope became my family, and throughout the years it has been a rock to me,” she said.

“And when life became very difficult after I lost my first child, you just were so uplifting to me. Everyone who knew me back then thought I was a real mess and they didn’t realise how I got myself together. But it was God working in Hope 103.2 and everything you do.”

Stanley – “Keeps me going through all the hardships in life…”


Ever since immigrating from India 17 years ago, Stanley has been tuning in to Hope 103.2

“The station basically empowers me, inspires me, motivates me, and keeps me going through all the hardships in life and all the ups and downs,” he said.

“This morning somebody called me from India and I said to them “can you hang on for two minutes, I’ve got Chris Witts on the radio.

“I raised the volume of the radio so they could listen. She listened to the message and she was blown away and said she’s going to stream it from India every day from now on.”

Julie – “I found Hope while getting acupuncture…”


Julie went through a valley after losing her mother. She was in an acupuncture appointment when she first heard Hope 103.2.

“I had faith and believed in God but I was going through a period of despair and lack of hope, thinking I’d never see my mum again,” Jullie said.

“Mum had kept our family together and after she passed away we didn’t have her there to unite us, and I didn’t have her there to help me with my ten children.

“I found Hope 103.2 and somehow God spoke to me through the station, showing me His everlasting love and forgiveness and that there was hope after death.

“I felt uplifted, inspired to keep going, and just to accept whatever happened. I knew that God was there and that He was going to make everything right.”

Salma – “Literally brought me back from death. It means the world to me…”


For Salma, Hope 103.2 was a source of hope in a very literal darkness; She had lost her sight as a teenager and was leading a very lonely life, rejected by people she’d trusted.

Finding the radio station connected her to a wide community of faith.

“I searched the radio stations and found Hope 1032, and would listen to amazing songs, and inspirational, kind words from the speakers,” she said.

“I wasn’t hearing the kindest of words from those who were supposed to love me. But I would go to my radio, turn on Hope, and listen to lovely kind words that every human should be hearing.

“I listened to the station to escape my regular life. By really clinging to the words, clinging to the music, that’s what would keep me going for the next day.

“And now, when I feel down or a little upset I put on Inspire and listen to beautiful songs.

“The radio station literally brought me back from death. It means the world to me.”

Helping People To Find Faith


Melanie – “I was trying to figure out who this voice was… I got hooked.”


For Melanie, the radio station Hope 103.2 spoke into her life after she had walked away from God.

“A few years ago I’d walked away and abandoned my faith,” she said. “One day I was flicking through the radio stations and I heard [breakfast announcer] Dan Widdowson’s voice and I kept listening to try and figure out where I knew it from.

“I realised it was from a TV show that I watched when I was a child.

“Because I was listening for so long to try and figure out who this voice was, I got hooked to the station. It’s brought me back to God and I always listen to it now.”

Rebecca – “You brought me back into a relationship with God…”


Rebecca’s faith in Jesus has been restored since tuning in to Hope.

“I was flipping through the stations four years ago and God stopped my car radio on 103.2,” she said. “It was amazing. I really appreciate the messages and songs on Hope, and the station’s brought me back into a relationship with God and last year I was baptised which was an amazing experience.

“Hope continually is a daily reminder for my commitment to Jesus. The station is my comfort, my compass and my connection to God.”
Warwick – “I found I couldn’t listen to commercial radio any more…”

Warwick was on a spiritual search at the time he discovered Hope 103.2.

“In the time when I started searching for faith, I found I couldn’t listen to commercial radio any more, and I found peace in Hope 103.2,” he explained.

“I found music that was more healthy and pure and the programming was something I could actually listen to.

“I found a message along the way too which helped me gain some understanding I needed.

“Then later on, once I came to faith, the message was building my faith. It helps keep me on track and going straight in my faith.”

Susan – “I lapsed as a Christian… and then I got cancer…”


After stepping back into church, Susan’s newfound friends linked her up with Hope 103.2.

“I lapsed as a Christian for a long time and it was only having cancer that really got me back into going to church and having a relationship with God again,” she said.

“Everyone at Church said to me you should be listening to Hope in the mornings on the way to work, and I have been.

“The messages that I get are so good for me, for my marriage, my children. I only hear really positive things, and it really helps me with my relationship with God.”

Encouragement For Single Mums


Beth – “I don’t know what I would’ve done without Hope…”


Hope 103.2 has been a lifeline for Beth since she experienced separation 22 years ago.

“I separated from my husband and I had a newborn baby and three other children, I was doing it tough,” she said. “I would have Hope on at night and that was my strength. It was a reminder that whether I could feel God or not, He was there and was with me and He was faithful.

“There would be a scripture that came on that was so appropriate, or a song, and that was just like a lifeline. I don’t know what I would’ve done if Hope wasn’t there 22 years ago. It has helped me to keep my faith strong over all those years.

“Now I’m working in welfare helping other mums that are in the same situation that I was.”

Belinda – “I became a single mum… But I never felt lonely…”


Belinda from Bella Vista said Hope 103.2 was there for her when she became a single mother with two small children.

“I moved out into a home by myself with my kids and lived alone for the first time in my life, but I never actually felt lonely because I felt Hope there with me the whole time,” she said.

“Every morning when we’re getting ready or driving to work or daycare, and in the evening when I’m preparing dinner, I’ve got Dan and Dwayne lightening the mood, or Chris Witz giving a devotional thought that encourages me.

“You guys are like another member of the family and are always in our home and giving us a chance to be happy and have hope and be encouraged.”

Recovering From Illness


Mark – “I had a stroke… All I could do was lay there and listen…”


Mark said he found hope in the radio station during a period of serious illness.

“Two years ago I had a stroke and during the rehab there were times when all I could do was lay there and listen,” he said. “I found it very encouraging and kept being reminded of the Hope we have in Christ.”

Catherine – “I’m eternally grateful…”


Catherine said Hope 103.2 has turned her life around during a period of serious illness.

“I’ve been going through a really bad trot for a while now,” she said, “but my body’s healing and Hope 103.2 simply nourishes my soul, makes my heart sing and uplifts my spirit.

“I’m eternally grateful. It simply gives you Hope for a better life, Hope that God is our creator and is here with us, and wants joy in our lives.”

Josephine – “I hit a wall this year…”


For Josephine, a positive radio station has helped her heal from a period of burnout.

“I work in a pastoral care role in a heavy area in a city hospital setting,” she said. “I hit a wall this year; I thought I was looking after myself but obviously not quite enough.

“I’ve just been surrounding myself with life-giving things and Hope 103.2 has been one of those and has been wonderful in my recovery.

“It doesn’t matter what time of day or night you put it on, it’s only wonderful things you hear.”

Katherine – “Through cancer, mastectomy, brain surgery… you’re there”


Katherine found Hope 103.2 “by accident” in the outback through the satellite broadcast, and it saw her through very hard times.

“My sister in law was diagnosed with cancer and passed away, I had a mastectomy, my husband had a bleed on the brain and two lots of brain surgery, and through all of this, the radio station’s always there,” she said.

“Whether you’re feeling terrible at two o’clock in the morning or afternoon, there will be always something you’ll hear that will get you through.

“Sometimes it’s a song, sometimes a message, or a silly joke, but it gets you through.”