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Catherine Britt Brave In The Face Of Cancer

Courageous Aussie star Catherine Britt has kept her head up in the face breast cancer, continuing to tour - and get married - while undergoing treatment.

By Clare BruceMonday 9 Nov 2015Guests and ArtistsReading Time: 4 minutes

Listen: Nick Bennett chats with Catherine Britt at the 2015 ARIA Awards Nomination event.

Catherine Britt has taken such a courageous approach to fighting breast cancer, that even her wedding went ahead—in the middle of treatment.

The Aussie country singer, who appears with no hairin her latest music video (above), was diagnosed in June with one of the most common forms of breast cancer according to the Daily Mail: Stage 2A Invasive Ductal Carcinoma.

In an interview with Hope 103.2’s Nick Bennett at the 2015 ARIA Awards nomination event, the 30-year-old star chatted openly and honestly about her journey through the illness.

She said it had been a shock but she was “getting through it and getting on with it”.

“I’m about halfway through the chemotherapy, and it’s tough, it’s horrible stuff, but you’ve got to get through it and get on with your life,” she said.

“I’m still trying to work the record [her 2015 album Boneshaker] and tour as well.”

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Cancer Diagnosis Just Months Out From Wedding

Catherine Britt in the music video for 'Who Cares'

Catherine Britt in the music video for ‘Who Cares’

At the time of her diagnosis, Catherine had not only just launched her album Boneshaker, but was also in the middle of planning to marry the love of her life, James Beverly.

At the time of her Hope 103.2 interview she was less than two weeks out from the wedding.

Rather than delay their wedding plans, Catherine decided with her fiancé to keep the date, saying it had kept her positive and looking forwards.

“My fiancé is just so beautiful and so supportive, I have a wonderful family and wonderful friends who keep me up, so I’m very lucky,” she said.

On the big day she donned a wig and celebrated in style.

Wedding Surprise: Couple Revealed They Had Already Eloped

Cancer wasn’t the only headline-grabbing aspect of Catherine and James’s wedding day; the Daily Mail reported that the couple’s father announced they had already been officially hitched, back in 2013.

The pair had eloped secretly to Las Vegas and kept it a secret for two years.

In an Instagram post Catherine announced that “On the 17th of October I got to celebrate my love for this man all over again in front of all our favorite people. We have had 2 very happy years of marriage that has tested us to the limits at times but we have made it through with gold stars.”

Proud Of Her Bald Head At ARIA Event

Catherine Britt shows off her bald head on social media

Proud: Catherine Britt showed off her bald head in this image on social media

Catherine told Hope 103.2 that she had made a conscious decision to step out in public without a wig, in order to stand up for those fighting cancer.

“I wanted to show up today without a wig,” she said. “I guess the elephant in the room is that everyone knows I don’t have hair now.

“So I just wanted to embrace it and be proud for the people who are going through it, and show them that it is OK to go out, and you’re still beautiful, and it’s alright.”

Best Country Album Nomination

Catherine Britt's 2015 album 'Boneshaker'

Catherine Britt’s 2015 album ‘Boneshaker’

Catherine was just 14 when she released her first EP in 2001, and since then she has toured with some greats of the music industry, including Kasey Chambers, Paul Kelly, Sir Elton John, Chris Isaacs, Keith Urban and more.

“It’s my sixth nomination but I’ve never won… Kasey or someone always takes it!”

On her 2015 nomination for Best Country Album, Catherine said she was “stoked”.

“It’s my sixth nomination but I’ve never won one; Kasey or someone always takes it from me – but she’s not in it this year which is good!” she told Nick Bennett.

“It’s a tough category. My peers are very talented and there’s some great albums in there. I love Shaneo’s (Shane Nicholson’s) record (Hell Breaks Loose), and Mustered Courage (with their 2015 album White Lies And Melodies), and Troy (Cassar-Daley) (nominated for Freedom Ride). 

“I’m just excited for the night. It should be good.”

The 2015 ARIA Awards night will be held on Thursday November 26 at The Star casino in Sydney.