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A Hospital Of Miracles, For Peru’s Precious Ones

The miraculous, $10 million world-class hospital, reaching out to the poorest people of Peru. Incredibly, it's run entirely by volunteers.

By Clare BruceFriday 13 Nov 2015Inspirational StoriesReading Time: 1 minute

Listen: Dr Klaus-Dieter John tells Clare Chate how he built a $10 million high in the Andes. 

When Dr Klaus-Dieter John was just a young boy growing up in Germany, he was fascinated by the Inca culture of Peru.

He also dreamed of one day being a medical missionary – a doctor who helped the poor in developing nations.

Today, his dreams have come true in a venture that combines both passions.

Dr Klaus with Peru's president

Dr Klaus is a surgeon and founder of a world class hospital in Peru called the “Diospi Suyana Hospital”—meaning “We Trust In God”.

It’s a miraculous place, built on $10 million worth of donations from individuals and business around the world, and staffed entirely by volunteers.

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And it’s bringing glory to God, and smiles to the faces of a downtrodden, forgotten people the Quechuas of Peru.

Dr Klaus visited the Hope 103.2 Studios to tell the incredible story to journalist Clare Chate.

To learn more, you can hear Dr Klaus speaking at Lifesource Christian Church in Sydney’s North Shore on Saturday, November 14, at 3pm.

Patients at Disopi Suyana hospital in Peru