The last survivor of 9/11

The last survivor of 9/11

By Katrina RoeFriday 9 Sep 2011Open House Interviews

September 11, 2001 was a day that changed the world.  But for Genelle Guzman-McMillan her life would truly never be the same again.
On that day Genelle put on her make-up, her high heels and headed off for her job in the World Trade Centre, just like on any other day. 

When the plane hit the North Tower, she thought it was just a small earthquake. 

It was only later, when she saw the TV news that she realised the full horror of what had just happened.

Genelle and her colleagues were on their way down the stairwell, just thirteen floors from the bottom, when she stopped for a moment to take off her high heels. 

In that moment, the building collapsed around her, and Genelle was buried alive – trapped under the rubble for 27 hours. 

Alone in the darkness, trapped in world of searing heat and pain, Genelle refelcted over her life and her relationship with God, crying out for a second chance. 

You can only imagine her relief when she felt the warmth of another human hand holding hers, telling her she was going to be OK. 

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Even then she didn’t fully realise the miracle of her resuce – that she would be the last person pulled from the World Trade Centre alive.
Listen Now – Genelle shares her amazing story and how her life has changed since that day.


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