Meet Simon McKeon - Australian of the Year

Meet Simon McKeon – Australian of the Year for 2011

By Sheridan VoyseyTuesday 8 Feb 2011Open House Interviews

It’s a title often awarded to those in sport, the arts, medicine or academia – people like Steve Waugh, Lee Kernagan, Pat McGorry and Tim Flannery. But this year’s Australian of the Year Award was bestowed on an investment banker – albeit one with a long of list of charitable causes to his name.

Simon McKeon is the Executive Chairman of Macquarie Bank Melbourne, Chairman of the CSIRO, President of the Australian Government’s Takeovers Panel, Chairman of Multiple Sclerosis Research Australia, and Chairman of Business for Millennium Development.

If that’s not enough he directs the Global Poverty Project, the Red Dust Role Models program for indigenous youth, is a volunteer counsellor at a heroine addiction clinic and spent years on the board of World Vision and other social causes.

He’s a man of passion, and faith, and energy, but a man whose experienced the clouds as well as the sunshine.

Listen Now – Simon McKeon, Australian of the Year talks about his passions and life

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