A Father's Grief

A Father’s Grief

By Katrina RoeWednesday 5 Jan 2011

While Christmas is expected to be one of the happiest times of year, for many Australians the Christmas/New Year period is one of grief rather than joy.

For those who’ve lost a loved-one, at this time every year there is a tragic reminder of their loss.
14 years ago, Brian Evans lost his 5 year son, Eric on the last day of school before Christmas. Eric’s bus dropped him off early, and as his Mum was not yet there to meet him, he crossed the road, was hit by a neighbour’s 4WD and died instantly. 

His mum and dad were both on the scene within minutes.  Since that time, Brian Evans has struggled to make sense of his loss, but his faith in God remains strong. 

Listen Now – Brian talked to Katrina Roe about his experiences and his ever-present love for Eric

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