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Attention: Warning Lights are There for a Reason

Ruth Limkin from mental health service The Banyans had an ongoing issue with her car. The solution could change your life.

By Ben McEachenFriday 6 Jan 2023Hope MorningsHealth and WellbeingReading Time: 1 minute

You know those warning lights on the dashboard in your car? Ruth Limkin does. Before Christmas, they started to warn her of a problem with her tyres.

While Ruth pulled over to take a look, she opted for a “quick fix” solution that she hoped would solve the issue – and also switch off the warning lights.

Ruth is CEO of The Banyans, a personalised mental health care retreat and program provider based in Queensland.

She told Hope Mornings that the lights kept coming back, though.

Ruth’s car troubles prompted her to think about the ways we all can ignore warning lights in our own lives.

At The Banyans, according to Ruth, they want to “practice what we preach” about promoting the holistic care of someone’s health.

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So, she didn’t just get her car serviced by a mechanic, Ruth also wanted to share with you how we can respond better to our own warning lights – to take first steps of action, not avoidance.

Listen to the full interview with Ruth Limkin in the player above.