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“Male Menopause”? The Life Transitions Men Can Expect

Noel McDermott is a British psychotherapist with more than 25 years experience and he wants men everywhere to watch out for menopause.

By Ben McEachenTuesday 30 Aug 2022Hope MorningsHealth and WellbeingReading Time: 1 minute

Have you heard of “male menopause”?

I hadn’t until hearing about the international awareness being raised by British psychotherapist Noel McDermott, and Noel wants men everywhere to spot the signs of male menopause, while offering suggestions for how to respond.

Given what menopause involves for women who experience it, how is it possible for a man to go through something similar

“Female menopause is when eggs have stopped being produced and estrogen levels have changed in the body, essentially,” Noel said.

“There isn’t a medical thing like that that happens with men… although some medical changes do happen… It’s more about trying to highlight a series of life transitions that happen about that time to get guys to be more aware of those life transitions, and a) make them less severe, but also b) learn how to celebrate the changes in life and not try and hold onto youth and the past.”

Noel spoke with Hope Mornings and outlined what male menopause is, the symptoms of it and suggests ways to tackle it including not ignoring it, gentlemen.

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Trigger warning: Noel raises sensitive subjects, such as suicide. If you or someone you know needs immediate help, please contact Lifeline on 13 11 14. For more support services, head over to our Helpful Counselling and Community Services page.

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