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Disease Expert Raina MacIntyre on Next Big Thing in Our COVID Fight

One of Australia's in-demand biosecurity leaders prepares us for the ongoing battle and calls on governments to protect vulnerable people.

Listen: Ben McEachen chats with disease and biosecurity expert Raina MacIntrye about vaccines, vulnerable people and trust in God

By Ben McEachenFriday 22 Oct 2021Hope AfternoonsHealth and WellbeingReading Time: 1 minute

Greater Sydney and New South Wales are opening up out of lockdown. While Melbourne is coming out of The World’s Longest Lockdown.

So, as so many of us are eager to get back into the swing of less-restricted life, what’s the next big thing in our ongoing fight against COVID?

Raina MacIntyre is a professor of global biosecurity and leads the Biosecurity Research Program at UNSW Medicine’s Kirby Institute.

During the pandemic, Raina became one of Australia’s go-to experts on infectious diseases.

Regularly interviewed by news media, her public profile increased to the extent where, sadly, she has been trolled and threatened online.

Professor Raina Macintyre

Source: Official 9 News Facebook / screenshot

But, Raina has “thick skin” and is not worried by attacks which are not backed by evidence. She goes where the science takes her and she wants to inform us with truth, not memes or opinions.

Raina told Hope Afternoons what the next big thing in our COVID battle will be and called upon governments and citizens to protect our most vulnerable people, including children.

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When it comes to Raina’s personal response to dealing with the pandemic, her Christian faith has been vital to keeping valuable perspective and hope.

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