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Amazing People – Niall King: Caring for his Wife with Multiple Sclerosis

By Ally BarnesWednesday 16 Oct 2019Amazing People with Sam and Duncan

Listen: Sam and Duncan chat with Niall King about caring for his wife with Multiple Sclerosis

Every day, in every community around the world, people provide care for those who need it most, often putting their own lives on hold to ensure an ill or disabled loved one or friend has the support they need.

Unpaid carers caring for their loved ones are the hidden pillar of our healthcare system. One of them, is Niall King.

When Niall and Carol married, they knew she had Multiple Sclerosis. Carol was diagnosed with MS at the age of 32 and lived with it for 38 years until she passed away at the age of 70. She spent 20 years in a wheelchair and for the last seven years of her life, she couldn’t communicate very well and could barely move of her own accord. During all this time, Niall lovingly cared for her and made her his number one priority.

Niall chatted to Hope Breakfast for Carers Week (October 13-10).

Suggested Ways to Encourage a Carer

To mark Carers Week, Embracing Carers is encouraging people to join their ‘Time Counts’ initiative – giving time to connect with someone who cares for a loved one. Carers often get little support or recognition, and spending time showing your friendship and love can make a difference in their day.

  • A 5-minute connection could be sending someone an email or text to let them know they are being thought about and are willing to talk and help if needed.
  • A 15-minute connection could be a phone call to check in and make sure someone’s okay or to see if they need help scheduling an appointment.
  • A 60-minute connection could be a social drop in for a cup of coffee/tea or include preparing a meal for the carer.

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