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Amazing People – Hannah Alexander: How 3 Hours Outside a Day Changes Your Life

The year that Hannah Alexander and her husband and kids spent 3 hours outside every day, was the year that everything changed...

Listen: Sam and Duncan chat with Hannah Alexander

By Ally BarnesWednesday 6 Nov 2019Amazing People with Sam and DuncanHealth and WellbeingReading Time: 2 minutes

Revisited Monday 18 Oct 2021

With restrictions easing, one of the aspects of lockdown we all may grieve is a slower pace to life and connecting as a family.

So as social and after-school commitments ramp up again, Hannah Alexander, who appeared on our Amazing People podcast in 2019 due to her inspirational family experiment to spend three hours outdoors every day for an entire year, now shared tips with Hope Breakfast for carving out time to be together outdoors once more.

Listen: “One Year Outdoors” blogger Hannah Alexander joined Hope Breakfast on October 18, 2021, as many students across NSW returned to in-classroom learning, to encourage families to spend time outside

In 2016, Hannah Alexander decided to embark on a year-long experiment with her family: to spend at least three hours each day outside.

The experiment completely changed the way she parents.

Hannah explained to Hope Breakfast’s Sam & Duncan the benefits she’s seen in her children’s development, and how important play is.

“Before I started the project, I thought a lot about my kids needing to have healthy food, and I needed to read to them and get them to bed on time… now I make sure that my kids get plenty of time to play, and to play outside. It makes life easier when my kids have had that time… they sleep better and they’re happier.”

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Hannah’s journey will inspire everyone, with or without children, to spend more time outside. Find out more at her blog, Our Year Outdoors.