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New Year’s Resolutions Failed? Try One Word Instead

if you’ve failed miserably at achieving your 2016 New Year's Resolutions, there's an alternative approach: the 'One-Word-Commitment'.

By Clare BruceMonday 4 Jul 2016Hope BreakfastHealth and WellbeingReading Time: 3 minutes

Listen: Life coach Scott Epp explains his unique approach to New Year’s goals.

If you’re one of the disciplined few who are on their way to achieving their health, financial, relationship or career goals, congratulations! Take a moment to celebrate.

But if you’ve already failed miserably at achieving your New Year’s resolutions or goals—take heart. Even life coach Scott Epp from Abundance Coaching has never had great success at this.

To tackle the problem, he’s come up with a better way of achieving goals and change in your life. He calls it the “One-Word-Commitment”, and he told the Hope 103.2 breakfast team that it’s all about keeping things very simple.

A Life Coach Who Doesn’t Set New Year’s Resolutions?

“I do not set New Year’s Resolutions any more,” he told Laura and Dwayne. “In my old coaching school I was taught to do SMART Goals and I did it for a long time with my clients. I brought them through the beginning of the year and we did a SMART Goal strategy [an acronym standing for specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, tangible].

“But I found a better strategy about three years ago. Basically, you commit to one word or one theme for the whole year. I built a course on how to pick the word and how to figure out how to use it, and stay consistent with it.

A Different Take On SMART Goals

While he still uses the ‘SMART’ acronym, the letters stand for different words:

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  • S – stretch and spiritual
  • M – motivation and milestones
  • A – ability and attitude
  • R – radical and risky
  • T – The Right Thing

These words represent the process Scott recommends for finding your One Word Commitment.

“It’s actually refreshing and renewing to just have this one thing. Because you can actually really keep track of what’s going on.”

As a Christian, Scott said he takes a spiritual approach to goal-setting.

“I believe that God actually wants us to have major success and to unleash our full potential, so if we find the right theme or idea that spiritually is connected with us, we can move towards that,” he said.

Scott says that when he sat down to think and pray at the start of 2016 about what his “one word” would be for this year, he settled on being “disciplined”.

“That’s the word I feel God gave me at the beginning of the year,” he said. “I would say I have massive momentum with my one commitment for the year. It’s actually refreshing and renewing to just have this one thing. Because you can actually really keep track of what’s going on.”

His personal themes or ‘words’ for other years have included ‘Epic’, and ‘Thankful’.

But the One Word Commitment doesn’t have to sound deep and spiritual; it can be light-hearted too. One of his clients once chose the word ‘Fun’ as their theme for the year ahead.

Tips for Forming New Habits and Staying Motivated

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Once your word is chosen, you then have to keep going, and the best way is to form a habit around your new commitment, Scott says. He sums his message up by quoting the famous motivational speaker, Jim Rohn: “Motivation is what gets you started but habit is what keeps you going.”

If you’re inspired enough to kick off the new financial year with a “One-Word-Commitment”, Scott recommends the following keys to keep your momentum up:

  • Place your ‘one word’ in prominent places in your home and workplace as a constant reminder.
  • Keep your commitment simple
  • Focus on your commitment each day
  • Spend time visualising or meditating on your commitment
  • Get up early and take steps each day towards your goal
  • Use the power of words by verbalising your commitment
  • Celebrate your successes

More Info

To find out more about Scott Epp’s One Word Commitment process and how to choose your ‘one word’, head to his Abundance Coaching blog.