Addiction: I Quit Sugar's Sarah Wilson on Open House

Addiction: I Quit Sugar’s Sarah Wilson on Open House

Author of New York Times best-seller I Quit Sugar, Sarah Wilson talks about her former sugar addiction, and the transform that set her free.

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Listen: Sarah Wilson talks to Hope 103.2 about her cookbook ‘I Quit Sugar’.

Journalist, blogger, and author of New York Times best-seller I Quit Sugar, Sarah Wilson talked to Hope 103.2 about her former sugar addiction, and the transformational lifestyle that set her free.

Addiction: Sarah Wilson on Open House

You might know Sarah Wilson as the host of the first series of Masterchef, the former editor of Cosmo or from her Sunday column in the paper on how to live better.

Diagnosed with an auto-immune disease in her thirties, Sarah decided in January 2011 to finally listen to her Doctors and begin an experiment to see what the effects of going sugar-free would be. 3 years later she’s spawned a nutritional revolution that has helped more than 300,000 people give up their sugar addiction, becoming a ‘go-to girl’ for tips on personal reformation.

While her outspoken approach to the dangers of sugar has attracted criticism from some nutritionists, Sarah is confident of the health and weight loss benefits of quitting sugar.