Healthy Living - Can burnt toast give you cancer?

Healthy Living – Can burnt toast give you cancer?

By Katrina RoeTuesday 30 Aug 2011Hope Mornings

What do you do when you burn your toast?  Eat it or chuck it?

We’ve all heard the rumour that eating burnt toast can give you cancer, but what evidence is there for that?  Has there ever been a study to prove or disprove whether burnt toast is carcinogenic?  And why does the rumour continue to circulate?

The truth is that burnt toast contains some of the same chemicals found in coal tar, cigarette smoke and air pollution, though in quite small doses.

Dr Paul Brent is the Chief Scientist at Food Standards Australia and New Zealand.  He explains the chemical processes that take place when you burn your toast and what impact they might have on your health!

Listen Now – Dr Paul Brent talks with Katrina Roe

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