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Helping Your Household Make it Through the HSC

Clinical psychologist Valerie Ling suggests a new approach to caring for your Year 12 student that will surprise you.

Listen: Valerie Ling from Centre for Effective Living shares strategies to support the HSC student in your household with Hope Afternoon's Ben McEachen

By Ben McEachenFriday 26 Nov 2021Hope AfternoonsEducationReading Time: 1 minute

You’re so close to the end of HSC season, yet, it probably still feels so far off.

HSC written exams finish next Friday 3 December.

That still leaves your household with a lot of time and opportunity for stress, angst and strain.

Valerie Ling is a clinical psychologist at, and director of, the Centre for Effective Living. Valerie is also a mum of a 2021 HSC student, so she knows the theory and practice of helping homes get through the HSC.

Valerie spoke with Hope Afternoons about strategies that parents and caregivers can use for HSC survival.

Rather than focus on the student, Valerie suggests turning attention to the behaviour and communication of others in your household.

Listen to the full conversation with Centre for Effective Living’s Valerie Ling in the player above.

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