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I Got My Dream Job… And Didn’t Expect What Happened Next

Louise Gosbell was excited to be appointed Principal of a Bible College in Sydney. Five month later, everything changed.

By Ben McEachenMonday 9 Jan 2023Hope MorningsLifeReading Time: 1 minute

In the middle of 2021, Louise Gosbell was appointed principal of Mary Andrews College, a Bible college in Sydney’s CBD.

In short, she was pumped. Leading the College was exactly the sort of job Louise wanted.

Specialising in the theology of living with a disability, Louise had been in the orbit of Mary Andrews College for some time but this was her opportunity to lead it for what she hoped would be years and years and years…

The dream job, though, didn’t turn out the way Louise expected.

As Louise told Hope Mornings, the dramatic turn of events which led to her resigning at Christmas, 2022, had nothing to do with the role itself.

What Louise and her family were forced to contend with was a significant change to her health.

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Not only did Louise have to confront the challenges brought by the sudden onset of sickness, she also has wrestled with what God was doing in all of it. Particularly when she had thought God placed her at Mary Andrews College for good – and for the long haul.

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