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Australian Christian Lobby’s Hopes for Working Well with the New Labor Government

On this side of the Federal Election and Labor's victory, ACL National Director for Politics Wendy Francis explains the way ahead.

By Ben McEachenThursday 16 Jun 2022Hope MorningsLifeReading Time: 1 minute

Do you know what the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL) does?

“Lobby” is the obvious answer. But while you might have encountered ACL a lot during the most recent Federal Election campaign, what now for ACL?

Wendy Francis is ACL’s National Director for Politics. She told Hope Mornings about how the ACL responded to the Federal Election results and its hopes for working well with the new Labor Government.

Wendy also outlined the campaigns ACL intends to pursue, as well as how the ACL decides what to lobby for.

And, does the ACL represent every single Christian in Australia? Wendy lets us know their position.

Listen to the full interview with ACL’s Wendy Francis in the player above.

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