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A Phone Designed to Be Easily Used by Older People

During the pandemic, 85-year-old Janette struggled to use video calls. So daughter Libby made a phone to help her - and others - get better connected.

By Ben McEachenWednesday 11 May 2022Hope MorningsLifeReading Time: 1 minute

Libby’s elderly mother Janette spent months in hospital during the lockdowns.

Unable to physically connect, Libby Henderson turned to video calls and other apps to remain close to her 85-year-old mum. But she found that Janette struggled to use the phone.

Libby went in search of a more user-friendly handset. In Australia, she could not find one. So Libby and her husband James made one. That’s correct: the Hendersons from the Southern Highlands made their own phone.

The Big Purple Phone is now available for anyone who would like to communicate with simplicity and security, according to the Hendersons.

As Libby told Hope Mornings, “greater connection” between older people and their family and friends is the beating heart of their handset.

Listen to the full conversation with Libby in the player above.

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