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“You Know You’re Tired When…” – Hopeland Shares Some Funny Experiences

You can hear some fantastic calls in the player, but here is a collection of your texts of your sleepy experiences.

Listen: Hopeland shares their hilarious experiences in the midst of tiredness

By Sam RobinsonFriday 5 Feb 2021Hope BreakfastLifeReading Time: 3 minutes

At the end of the week, it’s fairly common to do some unusual things while you’re tired. So, this morning on Hope Breakfast, we asked you to finish the sentence, ‘You know you’re tired when…’ and you certainly delivered some gold stories.

You can hear some fantastic calls in the player above, but here is a collection of your texts of your sleepy experiences.

Sleepy-day stories from Hopeland

The other day I went through a drive thru, ordered a coffee, paid for it, and drove off without it! Ironically, I needed the coffee in order to be able function well enough to collect my coffee. Struggles. – Chantal

You know when you’re tired when you soak your rings in a cup of soap that you leave on the sink then have your medication and grab that cup to swallow your medicine, realising that you swallowed detergent. – Vanessa

Playing a driving game on PlayStation and wake up with car crashed but still accelerating at maximum as the car is somersaulting in the game. – Eric

When you cut the crusts off your husband’s sandwich for lunch instead of your kids, realise you’ve done it, make the sandwich again and make the same mistake. – Anonymous

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When you put hand soap on your toothbrush instead of toothpaste. – Anonymous

I know I’m tired when I use my opal card to get into the house! – Ana

When my first child was a baby, I got up to her crying in the middle of the night and picked her up to comfort her. In my sleepy state, I wondered why she was still screaming. Then I really properly awoke and realised I was holding her up by the ankles. My poor child! – Cassandra

You know when you are tired when you buy fuel at 7/11 and pay with your Woolworths rewards card instead of your credit card and repeat it after being told it’s a wrong card. – Naj

You know you are tired when you get to work realising you have listened to your child’s music all the way and they aren’t even in the car with you. – Amanda

You know you are tired when your friend texts you and your typed out response is… ‘reply’. – Anonymous

I knew I was tired when my husband sent me to bed one evening. ‘You need to go to bed’. Ouch! I was a bit grumpy!! Baby tired. – Jenni

I know I’m tired when I need to take a power nap in the toilet cubicle at work. – Sean

You know you’re tired when you wake in the night, grab who you think is the crying baby and walk to the fridge, only to find minutes later that you’re carrying a pillow and proceeding to feed it the bottle of expressed milk that your wife put in there. This is a very true story of my husband Andrew. – Judith

You know you’re tired when you keep interpreting while you slowly fall asleep. I was able to keep signing, but apparently the content slipped well and truly off topic and I didn’t wake up again until my client started giggling. – Ros

I know I’m tired when I wash my hair twice in the shower because I couldn’t remember if I’d washed it the first time. – Sean

You know you are tired when… Where’s my glasses? and you are wearing them! – Sarah

When you put the cereal container in the fridge and the milk in the cupboard. – Elise

You know you’re tired when you start driving the ambulance home instead of the hospital. Yes, there was a patient on board. – Anonymous

I know I’m tired when I figure out it’s late and the next day I have loads of homework from class and I have to finish it. – Anonymous

When you make cofftea mixture of instant coffee and tea! – Dianne

You forgot how many scoops of protein powder you put in your shake in the morning and you put it in after the water so can’t do much about it (only meant to be 2, pretty sure I just did 3 or 4?). – Kristin

When you sit on the chair on the front porch to take off work boots and wake up 3 hours later getting eaten by mosquitoes. – Deborah