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What Did You Learn This Week? Hopeland Shares Fun Facts

Every week, Sam from Hope Breakfast opens the floor to listeners, asking the question “what have you learnt this week?” and this is what you've shared so far...

Listen: Hopeland share their newfound discoveries and lessons - involving spiders, sick children and fairy floss

By Georgia FreeWednesday 31 Mar 2021Hope Breakfast with Sam & DuncanLife

Want some new fun facts that you can drop into conversations at dinner parties to impress your guests? Or perhaps you want to brush up on some trivia? Well, you’ve found yourself in the right place, friends. 

Every week, Sam from Hope Breakfast opens the floor to listeners, asking the question “what have you learnt this week?” From fun facts to awkward life experiences, you will surely find a nugget or two in this collection of learnings to help you on your life’s journey (and, hopefully, give you a laugh).

Listen to some learnings in the player above, and what follows is some of the best nuggets of wisdom from Hope listeners so far that have been messaged into Breakfast with Sam.

March 2021 Learnings

I learnt this week that putting your phone in your back pocket and butt dialling people randomly is a great way to catch up with old friends that you haven’t spoken to you for a while. -Trevor

My five year old taught me that tadpole tails don’t fall off but actually grow back inside their bodies. Mind blown. -Kat

Sharks are denser than water – so they have to keep swimming, otherwise they’ll sink. -Maria

I learnt that cotton candy was invented by a dentist by the name of William Morrison. In 1897 he partnered with candy maker John Wharton to develop the cotton candy machine! -Charissa

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Emotional facial expressions start on the left side of the face because it’s controlled by the right side of the brain. -Christy

There’s only one letter that doesn’t appear in any U.S. state name.. not a single Q. -Lucy

A female peacock is called a peahen. -Anonymous

I learned that spiders vomit on there food before they eat it to kill bacteria. -Gabriela

February 2021 Learnings

Rainbow Paddle Pops are actually caramel flavoured! -John 

Life learning the toddler paradox: regardless of how big the bed is and how small the toddler is they always need more room -Anonymous

People used to say “prunes” instead of “cheese” when having their pictures taken, to keep their mouths taut. Only when smiling became more common, was “cheese” introduced. -Jess

I was reminded of this as I troubleshooted with IT help desk. why my camera was not working to discover there was a slide that covered it…always check what’s covering your camera! -Anonymous

This week I learned Komodo dragons have bacteria in their bite. Which after they bite their prey, they hang around until the bacteria makes the animal sick and dies, before then eating it. -Judith 

This week I learnt that growing teenagers devour cheese like they’re just breathing air. -Trevor

I’ve learned that homeopathic drops (which is part of natural medicine) can even help your moods! I was feeling angry all the time for no reason and just turned out something was out of balance and easily fixed. Another tool for my tool belt as a student naturopath!! -Emma 

I’ve learned a torn rotator cuff REALLY, REALLY HURTS. -Robyn 

I have learned to peel the layer off the lint remover that is covered with lint. Then you have a fresh sticky surface to grab your lint. -Chris 

Fun fact: Since Pluto was discovered in 1930, it is yet to have completed a complete orbit around the Sun. -Anonymous

‘ hubris’.. A word i had never heard before. Meaning.. Arrogance or pride. -Judith

When visited by to emus on your front porch ….. leave them alone , but make sure you get it on video so you can show everybody that you’re not crazy . This really did happen and I have it on video. -Trevor 

Life lesson: Always check that the lid is secure on your coffee before you take a sip. -Katie

My life lesson is to put chicken salt on everything! -Anonymous

Arrow next to the fuel icon on the car dash near speedo tells you the side fuel tank is for the car. -Daniel

January 2021 Learnings

If you want to build another level on a high rise building, you can’t buy the land. You have to buy the airspace. -Joanne

Spacecrafts have an O-Ring, like your tap. Therefore, your tap is a spacecraft. -Sam

Its remuneration, not remuneration. -Georgia

You don’t have to share your bank details if you need to transfer money between friends and family now.. all you have to do is activate the PayID setting in your banking app and share your mobile number (which they already have) – Adele 

I learnt this week that the correct name for a xylophone ‘donger’ is mallet. -Sarah

My week’s learning: If you’re going to spend your day doing tours involving walking and climbing lots of stairs, make sure you’re not staying on the top floor of a building with no elevator… #sorelegs -Sharlene

It’s ok for Australia to lose at cricket, remember its a game and we don’t have to sack everyone because we couldn’t win -Eric

My shopping tip is if you forget your bags go to the chips. I’ll and there are always empty boxes there to be found to be used to pack your goodies in at the check out. -Adam

When planning a mountain bike ride, ensure that you don’t rely on YouTube clips from fairly-recent riders to gauge where the trailhead is! (In our case, it’ll avoid an unnecessary 20km detour before you’ve even really begun!) -Andrew

I learnt that ct1 and ct2 written on circuit breakers in an electrical switchboard stand for cook top 1 and cook top 2. -Trevor

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