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Polly Marsden’s Climate Change Book to Reassure Kids

A reassuring picture book that teaches children about the specific challenges of climate change for Australia, so they can make a difference.

Listen: Ally Barnes chats with Polly Marsden about kids being informed about climate change

By Ally BarnesTuesday 19 Oct 2021Hope BreakfastLifeReading Time: 1 minute

There are some big talks coming up in Glasgow about climate change. But perhaps, you’ve been having conversations around the dinner table, too?

School children today are more environmentally aware than ever before. But a topic like climate change is complex and can be difficult to explain in simple terms.

Polly Marsden has done us all a favour and written a book called The Australian Climate Change Booka reassuring picture book, which explains the causes, impact, and work that’s being done to reverse it.

She offers practical ideas for young readers about how they can make a difference.

The Australian Climate Change Book by Polly Marsden

Source: hachette.com.au

Listen to the full conversation with Polly Marsden on Hope Breakfast in the player above.

Polly Marsden is the creator behind the concept for Big Weather (and How To Survive It), a new documentary TV series hosted by Craig Reucassel to be broadcast on ABC TV in 2020. Polly is a speechwriter and script writer who is passionate about the power of words to inspire positive social change.