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Is Amazon Warehouse Worth a Visit? Hope Breakfast’s Tech Expert’s Thoughts

Technology Uncorked podcaster Geoff Quattromani explains how Amazon's approach differs from standard returned products in a department store.

Listen: Tech expert Geoff Quattromani explains the new Amazon Warehouse to Sam Robinson on Hope Breakfast

By Sam RobinsonThursday 15 Jul 2021Hope BreakfastLifeReading Time: 2 minutes

While Boxing Day is synonymous with good deals, online retailer Amazon has a new initiative that might result in good prices all year round.

Amazon Warehouse is the latest initiative for the retail giant, and while it sounds like a brick and mortar store it isn’t. It’s a section of the online store where products that have been purchased and returned (though not opened) can be bought at a lower price.

Geoff Quattromani from the Technology Uncorked podcast joined Hope Breakfast to explain how this differs from standard returned products in a department store (that you may have no idea have been taken home and returned).

“When I buy clothes, how many have tried the garment on before I’ve purchased it?” Geoff said.

“[Yet] this is where you’re allowed to look at products that maybe have had that outer layer of plastic taken off it, it’s maybe had some of the packaging damaged as a result of being wrapped. So it’s not completely new, and if you were to receive it new, you would be disappointed – this is Amazon’s honesty system – but as long as the product inside works, I’m happy, and I may have saved some money along the way.”

Although these are returned items, there are still protections and warranties that apply. But is this new initiative really going to save you money? Geoff said, as always, it’s worth looking at other websites before you hit the checkout.

“It’s worth shopping around – even though it’s on Warehouse – check it, look at the description, look on other retailer’s websites, and make sure you’re getting a good deal.”

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