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Hopeland’s Unofficial Rules of the Road Code

We asked listeners to share what they would like to see other drivers do on Sydney roads to ensure more kindness during peak-hour.

Listen: Hope Breakfast listeners share what courteous behaviour they would love to see on Sydney's roads

By Sam RobinsonFriday 18 Jun 2021Hope BreakfastLifeReading Time: 2 minutes

With Sydney peak hour a stressful twice-daily endeavour, Hope 103.2 listeners shared some thoughts about how to make the experience a little more courteous and kind.

On Hope Breakfast this morning, we invited listeners to share what they would like to see other drivers do on the busy roadways of Sydney to ensure that the peak-hour experience is a little more easygoing. We had so many texts that we felt it was only right to gather your thoughts into a helpful companion to the official road rules: Hopeland’s Unofficial Rules of the Road Code

Some great suggestions came through on the phones, including using your indicators if you want to turn left or right (I’m fairly certain this is a proper road rule), and parking your car up to the driveway to maximise space for others who need to park. But please find below a collection of unofficial rules, courtesy of the text line.

Hopeland’s Unofficial Rules of the Road Code

Hi Sam, along with several who mentioned motorway driving… there seems to be an inbuilt fascination with the middle lane. Keeping left means the left lane. It would prevent folks weaving from right to left to overtake, and makes for more seamless traffic flow. Thank you. – Miriam

When turning the corner don’t swing the other way first. Just turn the wheel. – Anonymous

Turn ON headlights when it gets dark. Some think their daytime running lights are headlights! – SJ

Don’t get impatient behind learner drivers – we were all learners once! – Penny

When getting into a freeway from a side road, try and accelerate to the speed on the freeway if possible. Nothing is worse than having a car driving at 60 km/h coming in front of you in a 100 km/h road – Reeba

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When there are two lanes to form one lane but no one uses the left lane. This is meant for the flow of traffic. – Anonymous

If turning into a lane from the side road or even another lane, try to get in after the car that has all the space behind it, rather than jumping in front of it – Reeba

My suggestion would be if you are in a shopping centre car park and somebody is reversing out of a spot in front of you wait the 10 seconds for them to complete that rather than racing behind them to get past. – Adam

Don’t park in front of any driveways! – Anonymous

Hey Sam, this idea of courtesy on the road is close to my heart. A simple wave and acknowledging a wave can take the tension off the road. A friendly wave to say thanks or to say sorry, but equally a wave to acknowledge that someone else has said sorry or thank you is equally important. It takes a split second and we treat others as we would like to be treated. Thanks so much. – Ian

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