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Google is Getting Honest About What It Doesn’t Know

"Effectively what we're saying here is Google isn't that great at knowing exactly what's happening live," tech expert Geoff Quattromani.

Listen: Tech expert Geoff Quattromani explains to Sam Robinson on Hope Breakfast Google's new changes

By Sam RobinsonThursday 22 Jul 2021Hope BreakfastLifeReading Time: 2 minutes

Though still the reigning king of search engines, Google is now admitting it’s not perfect.

In 2021, it’s a common occurrence for us to lean on Google for information. For better or worse, we no longer need to trawl through public libraries for answers to questions – instead they are found through a Google search within seconds.

But as tech expert Geoff Quattromani from the Technology Uncorked podcast explained to Hope Breakfast, the search engine is getting a whole lot more honest.

“We are always jumping in to Google to answer every question that we have. If you take something you’re Googling which has been known for years, Google is very good at giving you that answer. But say, for example, we’re waiting on the next Royal baby announcement, the minute that the baby is born, we might hear about it on Facebook or Twitter, but you might Google ‘royal baby’, you may find out about one that was born a year ago or two years ago,” Geoff said.

“Effectively what we’re saying here is Google isn’t that great at knowing exactly what’s happening live.”

So, Google is going to start admitting that. When you make a search, you may see a flag revealing the Google results in front of you may not be the latest information.

Geoff said this was a good reminder that when looking for information it’s important to use more than one search engine, such as Bing or DuckDuckGo.

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“You start to realise how much power Google has,” he said.

“What you’re researching could be skewed by what Google decides to show you. So I always do suggest people using more than one search engine if it’s for research or assignments, but those books used to be a great resource too once upon a time!”

Hear more Google news from Geoff Quattromani in the player above.