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The Story of Australia – Reflect, Respect, Celebrate this Australia Day [Watch]

By Beth RiversFriday 24 Jan 2020

This year, the National Australia Day Council has chosen to focus on ‘reflection, respectfulness and celebration’ for Australians to be encouraged by this Australia Day, 26 January.

They shared the following video — The Story of Australia — to demonstrate the many cultures, living situations and beliefs that make up this great nation and, with that, acknowledge the ups and downs as it’s many people continue to navigate our beginnings, present and future; and find a common celebration.

The story of Australia.
Is the story of me,
it’s the story of you,
it’s a story of we.
In parts it is painful,
in parts it is raw.
In others it’s beautiful,
inspiring great awe.
It tells of many people
from far and wide
and those who’ve been here
since the beginning of time.
It brings us together
and tears us apart.
We all have our views
so where do we start?
By listening to each other
and sharing our part.
We’re all part of the story.

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