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Best of Sydney — Camping Locations

By Duncan RobinsonThursday 28 Nov 2019Hope Breakfast with Sam & Duncan

The Breakfast show learned this week that when it comes to the best locations around Sydney to camp, everyone is really tight-lipped! Nobody was keen to share the best camping locations because when the secret is out things get really crowded. So, instead of presenting you with the best camping locations by Hopeland, we’ll break down your camping options.

Listener Responses

We did manage to get two listener recommendations:

“Werrong Beach Royal National Park, Sydney. Fantastic beach great relaxing location.” – Mike from Guildford

Werrong Beach Royal National Park

Werrong Beach Royal National Park, Source:

“Cockatoo Island has many activities for children in school holidays. You can take your own gear or hire a tent and the communal kitchen facilities are excellent. Also, historical with several cafes and catch a ferry to the city for amazing activities.” – Bev from Castle Hill

Now for your camping style options:

State Forests

Camping in a state forest is typically the best locations for a traditional camping trip for a number of reasons. Firstly, they are free, and most have pretty established camping areas. Secondly, you can bring your dog, which is always nice on a camping trip. If you are into four-wheeling and trail rides you are more than welcome to do so on fire trails and formed roads. The only exception to camping in state forests are Cumberland and Strickland.

National Parks

You can camp in National Parks but only where there are designated camping areas. Most of the time they have quality camping areas and facilities, but often have a fee associated with them. Be aware, you may need to book, you will have to pay and there are a few more restrictions. Heads up, get a national park pass and save yourself some money on the fees for entry.

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Holiday Parks

This is probably the fancier end of camping, also my favourite with the family. Big 4, NRMA and Ingenia are some examples but there are a bunch of holiday parks all around Sydney and NSW that are great to camp at. They typically have better and more glamorous facilities. They are also more like a hotel, so there are plenty of rules and noise restrictions. Everyone has a favourite holiday park and we are pretty partial for the Holiday Park at Shoalhaven — the Robinson family really like to ‘camp’ at that one.

Shoalhaven Heads Holiday Haven

Shoalhaven Heads Holiday Haven, Source:


OK, so this probably isn’t camping. In fact, you have every major creature comfort in the world and the tent is fancier then most houses. If you are looking for a different type of escape and want to book a trip with your spouse for a special weekend away then glamping might just be the best option. It’s classy, it’s fancy, it’s glamorous…it’s glamping.

Bonus: Tiny Cabins

Tiny Cabins are popping up all over the map, and if you want to go one better than a good glamp, tiny cabins might be the solution. Solitude, privacy and disconnection are usually the themes here. Your phone probably won’t work, and you can’t get TV reception. You will be on your own in the country with no technology. But, you will have a gorgeous view and a magical little cabin. On the plus side, you won’t have to wear your thongs in the shower. In2thewild, Tiny Away; Kindled and Unyoked are all pretty good examples of this experience.

Unyoked Tiny Cabin


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