Amazing People - John and Jan Graham: Surviving Black Saturday – Hope 103.2

Amazing People – John and Jan Graham: Surviving Black Saturday

By Duncan RobinsonWednesday 6 Feb 2019Amazing People with Sam and Duncan

On the 7th of February 2009, the state of Victoria was on fire. In the 24 hours, later known as Black Saturday, 180 lives were lost, and over 2000 homes were destroyed. It would be Australia’s worst bushfires in history.

However, amongst the ash, smoke and debris, some amazing people banded together to help put the pieces of broken communities back together.

John and Jan Graham were two such people. After asking themselves how they could help, they embarked on a three-year journey of relief work and rehabilitation of these communities. 10 years on, on the anniversary of Black Saturday, Sam and Duncan sit down with John to talk about his and Jan’s journey.

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