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The blessing of wisdom

Morning Devotions is for those curious about the Christian faith who want to explore Christian issues that relate to their daily life.

By Chris WittsTuesday 28 Jan 2014Morning Devotions with Chris WittsLifeReading Time: 0 minutes


Most people I know want to be wise. But what is wisdom? Does it come with age?

The Book of Proverbs says “Wisdom is supreme; therefore get wisdom. Though it costs all you have,get wisdom”. But how do we go about getting wisdom,gaining understanding?

Wisdom is not about being intellectual and aloof and clever,or hard to understand. In the Bible,wise people are those who apply what they know,and put their truth into action. So,wisdom is a practical everyday thing.

In commentary on Proverbs,Charles turner says this. “In God’s Word a person who could perform well in their particular area of skills is one who is called wise. When Moses set about to construct the tabernacle he chose several wise men. If you read Exodus 35 you find ” the Spirit of God filled these two men and with this came wisdom,understanding and knowledge. Their wisdom rested n all manner of workmanship and crafts to complete the tabernacle,and thus do the work of the Lord. They were able to put knowledge into action and do God’s will”.

So wisdom is to do with living close to God in ordinary things we do each day. We go about getting wisdom by asking God’s Spirit to fill us with it,each day as we go about our daily lives. It makes all the difference,for there’s a special quality in our work which is hard to describe. God is with us in a special way,and this applies in every area of life. As we study or as a school student attends school,we can pray “Come,Holy Spirit,help me in my understanding and knowledge”. Then His wisdom will grow in us. What about in the area of relating to people,as parents bring up their children,or those who care for sick relatives and friends. The same applies. There are no limits to the areas of life where wisdom can be found. However menial the task you do today,you still can ask God to guide you and find the wisdom to help you do it well. This means,also,that those who are often looked down on by this world’s so called “wise people”,carry every bit as much potential for wisdom when they come to God for guidance or growth.

In his Epistle,James talks about wisdom that comes from above,meaning from God Himself. Many people say today that the best wisdom is that which comes from experience,or as you get older you become a wiser person. That is sometimes true,but not always. Not everyone learns from experience. For that reason,experience in itself is not a dependable source of wisdom. True wisdom is a gift from God,not an achievement; His wisdom is given to those who follow God. And as I already said,it’s very practical. It engages the heart,the mind and the hands.

Proverbs 2 says “Happy are those who find wisdom and those who get understanding”. As God works in our life,we have a deeper understanding of what life is really all about. Kames says that wiser people “are peaceful,gentle,friendly” (James 3:17). And he says “wisdom is full of compassion and produces a harvest of good deeds,and is free from prejudice and hypocrisy”. (Read also Mark 9:33─37)

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Jesus had told his disciples of the possibility of His death that He was willing to give up His life. But they didn’t understand and were afraid to ask questions. So,they argued among themselves as to who was the greatest. Not a very wise discussion! They were caught up in envy,jealousy and ambition. So Jesus put a child in their midst,and there was a lesson in that story.

Jesus Himself showed His wisdom in practical ways. He shared His life with people. He helped them come to know God’s love and purpose for them. Think of all the different types of people He encountered…. the Pharisees,rich people,those who were despised and the outcasts. He shared His life with them.
Living God,with you comes liberating knowledge,in you is deep understanding,from you wisdom shines into our lives.

For us,in our daily tasks,often wondering what decision to make,sometimes struggling with our consciences,charged with responsibility to look after others and with demanding tasks of work: good Lord ─ make us wise.

For those who face difficult,those in pain,those whose minds and hearts are weighed down,confused,tired,whose bodies are failing them,who need to know when hope and healing will come: good Lord ─ make them wise.

May each of us know you walking with us,lifting us,throwing your loving arms around us. May the world be blessed by the spreading of your wisdom and may the earth be healed by the knowledge of your love.