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Successful living

Morning Devotions is for those curious about the Christian faith and who want to explore Christian issues that relate to their daily life.

By Chris WittsSunday 8 Sep 2013Morning Devotions with Chris WittsLifeReading Time: 0 minutes


Have you ever wondered what makes a person successful? Why does one person succeed and another person in a similar situation fail?

Two people can be in the same type of business,have similar skills,enjoy the same opportunities,and yet one is successful while the other fades into failure. What causes the difference?

What is it that successful people always do? Is it that one has pleasure in what he is doing while the other only puts in time?

Time off
Perhaps to one,all work is hard,time consuming and difficult; but to the other work is fun and time off is boring.

Everone needs time away from work,to get away from the pressure and rest. But are people who always fail looking to get away from it more than they are looking to succeed? It has been suggested that if you want to succeed you should make your work fun and then take your fun seriously!

Success is achieved by only a small number of people. There are only a minority of homes that are happy,a small group of husbands and wives who still enjoy each other after 20 years of married life. Only a handful of churches,businesses,clubs,homes and organisations enjoy growth and fulfilment.

Why? It’s because success is really unnatural; unnatural in that it takes supernatural confidence and ability to make it happen. Successful people,leaders,organisations,or homes are scarce because they require more time,dedication and energy to create and maintain. You must sacrifice the right to yourself in order to excel.

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Full race
You must be prepared to run the full race and not be distracted along the way. Too often people “stop off” after seeing some of the fruits of their labour,without waiting to cultivate,prune and fertilise the “tree” which produced that fruit. It is assumed that another crop will come forth. This is failure in the making.

Failure and success are at opposite ends of the scale and in between there are many people who fluctuate between the two.

Jesus made successful men and women out of ordinary people ─ people just like you and me ─ people who sometimes succeed and often fail. Jesus made them successful because they were prepared to experience a change in their lives. They gained special qualities ─ faith in their maker,love,zeal and zest for life,and they loved their fellow man.

Never fail
This change through Jesus still happens today. Successful living is the normal way of life for the Christian because Jesus never fails!

Get a new perspective on life and give failure the boot!