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The Company We Keep — A LifeWords Devotion

It is good to enjoy the company of all people and reach out to those who need to hear the good news. But be careful in who you choose to be close to.

By David ReayTuesday 30 Mar 2021LifeWords DevotionalsDevotionsReading Time: 2 minutes

Proverbs 13:20

Walk with the wise and become wise;
    associate with fools and get in trouble. (NLT)

Younger people are often warned about mixing with the wrong crowd. Good advice, but not just for those who are young. We are moulded and influenced by the company we keep. Hang around those who treat other people badly and we may find we pick up those habits. If we mix primarily with those who are cynical towards God, that cynicism may rub off on us.

This doesn’t mean we avoid those who might have different views or standards. Jesus reached out constantly to those whose patterns of life were contrary to his own pattern. It just means that when it comes to our social circles, we need to vary our diet. Don’t just associate with fools, don’t just mix with those whose morals seem non existent.

Get together with those who will not only show you the right track but who will help keep you on it. Their wisdom and godliness can rub off on you. Again to stress that this doesn’t mean living in some unreal Christian bubble. There are some very wise and helpful unbelievers who can help us on in life. We can’t bring the good news of Jesus to others if we avoid them.

But make sure you are shaped by those who exhibit in word and act, the character of Jesus. Enjoy the company of all and sundry, but be careful about who exercises the greatest influence on you. Both folly and wisdom are contagious.

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