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3 Truths to Navigate Through a Season of Uncertainty

What writer and traveller Sonja Chua learned and re-learned about God when she was far from home and familiarity.

By City Bible ForumWednesday 21 Jun 2023Christian LivingReading Time: 4 minutes

In 2019, I spent seven months in Israel for my research attachment as a graduate student.

Through the 19 flights, eight airports, five countries/states and a lifetime of experience, I have seen how God provided for me and grew my faith during that study period.

Here are three truths I have learned and re-learned about God:

1. God protects us

Being a traveller has its share of mishaps, and mine started on the morning of my first flight.

I was told my flight to Hong Kong — the first layover in the long trip to Israel — would be delayed by 35 minutes. Later, I was told that it would be delayed for one hour.

When I landed in Hong Kong, I found that I had missed my connection and had to rebook my next flight for the following night.

This resulted in an unexpected 23-hour layover in Hong Kong.

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But when I showed up for the connecting flight, the airline told me they were overbooked.

I was on standby.

Despite being frustrated and tired, I felt like God was asking me if I trusted him.

“Yeah, of course. What choice do I have?”

But God proved Himself faithful.

Soon, I was rerouted through Germany (instead of Turkey, the original plan), then put on a third flight to Israel.

In the end, not only did he bring me safely to Israel, but simple things throughout the trip reminded me God was there.

In Hong Kong, I was provided with a hotel room to store my belongings and get some sleep.

I was also able to explore the city a little and meet up with a friend studying there.

On the eventual flight to Germany, I was given priority seating in economy.

I could get around eight hours of sleep (although disrupted) – and was functional when I landed.

Also, most importantly, despite changing flights and airlines multiple times, all my bags arrived safely in Israel.

From a human perspective, it seemed I was caught in horrible situations, but no amount of rational explanation could explain how my journey to Israel ultimately worked out.

As I continue to face uncertainties and disruptions (many caused by the COVID-19 pandemic) on the progress of my research, I am comforted, knowing God still remains in control.

2. God takes care of us

I have learned there is no such thing as coincidences with God.

Where God has placed us — whether time and place — is all according to his will and he provides when we least expect it.

Where God has placed us — whether time and place — is all according to his will and he provides when we least expect it.

Upon arriving in Israel, I was anxious to find a community, as I knew I would face language and cultural barriers.

While I was visiting churches to find one to settle into, who would have thought I would meet a Singaporean exchange student I knew.

Also, I met a Singaporean who has lived in Israel for six years.

Neither of them were regular attenders of this church, so only God could have brought us together.

Later on, I got connected with a small Singaporean Christian community that enabled me to enjoy Singaporean food and gave me a small sense of home.

I also made a group of Singaporean friends doing research.

I could reach out to them when I needed help.

I was greatly encouraged by the fellowship we had by attending their congregation and international student fellowship.

3. God surrounds us with his people

During my time in Israel, I experienced the privilege of worshipping with an international community of believers from every corner of the globe.

At a student conference, it was an immense joy to be singing in Hebrew, Arabic, and English with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ.

Most importantly, it was amazing to catch a glimpse of the early church where both Jewish and Gentile believers worshipped together, proclaiming Jesus (Yeshua) as their Lord and Savior.

It did not matter whether we were Canadian, Dutch, German, Israeli, Palestinian, Nigerian, Korean, Indonesian, Chinese, or Singaporean — our faith and belief in Christ united us all.

Despite the difficulties the believers in Israel face – such as persecution and possible attacks on churches – it is humbling to see Acts 2:42-47 being practised there.

Christians open their homes, share resources (like giving rides back home on Shabbat), and pray for each other.

I am thankful for the hospitality my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ showed me while I stayed with them in Israel.

Now I am home, it reminds me to show love to all and look out for my neighbours, especially visitors in church.

I hope I won’t forget the experiences I had in Israel and will find opportunities to apply what I learned.

It wasn’t comfortable living as a sojourner in a foreign land, especially when I was unfamiliar with my surroundings.

However, God was my guide and I give thanks for what he has done and continues to do in my life.

Wherever I am, I walk by faith and trust in God as my compass and true North.

Article supplied with thanks to City Bible Forum. Written by Sonja Chua.

Feature image: Photo by Tamas Tuzes-Katai on Unsplash