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When a Christian Leader Falls, How Do I Respond?

Founder of Centre for Effective Living, psychologist Valerie Ling advises how to react, cope and recover after a church or organisation is smashed by scandal.

By Ben McEachenMonday 23 May 2022Hope MorningsChristian LivingReading Time: 1 minute

We all know how great leadership can be. We also know how devastating it is when leaders fall, fail or prove to be frauds. 

Sadly, the Christian world is not immune from toxic or faulty leadership. The past few years alone have revealed high profile (and less so) examples of Christian leaders involved with scandals, sin, serious allegations and un-godly behaviour.

Valerie Ling is a clinical psychologist and founder of Centre for Effective Living. She spoke with Hope Mornings about her own response when Christian leaders fail, particularly the impact upon churchgoers or members of a Christian network/organisation.

Valerie also offered advice for how we can react, cope and recover from the devastating effects of toxic Christian leadership.

Listen to the full conversation with Valerie Ling in the player above.