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The Top Sustainable Priorities of Australian Churches

Ruth Powell from NCLS Research shares what our Christian communities want to focus upon this year for physical and spiritual sustainability.

By Ben McEachenWednesday 21 Sep 2022Hope MorningsChristian LivingReading Time: 1 minute

Australia’s leading data collectors about Christian communities, NCLS Research, has revealed the two things which our churches want to focus on in 2022 – and they’re both link to one word: sustainability.

NCLS Research director Ruth Powell said churches responded at the beginning of this year about their priorities for the next 12 months.

“What they told us loud and clear was that relationship and community is critical at the moment, in the context of the incredible stresses and strains – think flood, think fire, pandemic, on it goes,” Ms Powell said.

“The insight from church attendance is that we need each other and, to sustain ourselves, we need our faith communities to help us grow spiritually together, but we need to build community, and their missing that incredible sense of community that a local church, that a faith community, can offer.”

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