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The Life or Death Difference a Donor Makes

A bone marrow transplant saved Gerald Barr. So did faith and prayer, according to Gerald and his wife Michelle.

By Ben McEachenMonday 6 Jun 2022Hope MorningsChristian LivingReading Time: 1 minute

The past few years have been an unexpected challenge for Gerald Barr.

But while we have all had to deal with the shock of the pandemic and its ramifications, Gerald had even more on his plate.

When Hope last caught up with Gerald, he was awaiting a bone marrow donor. Gerald was diagnosed in September 2020 with a life-threatening condition called aplastic anemia.

A rare disorder where the bone marrow stops producing enough new blood cells, Gerald’s condition demanded a transplant.

With his wife Michelle, Gerald spoke with Hope Mornings about what happened earlier this year. They also revealed how medical breakthroughs, faith and prayer sustained them.

Listen to the full interview with Gerald and Michelle Bar in the player above.

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