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One-Of-A-Kind Care For Older Chinese Australians Now Available

Hope Holistic Care wants to make a difference in aged care for those who want spiritual, soulful support in their heart language

Listen: Dr Nancy Fung tells Ben McEachen about Hope Holistic Care, launched last year

By Ben McEachenThursday 27 Jan 2022Hope AfternoonsChristian LivingReading Time: 1 minute

For most of us, getting older brings all sorts of challenges, changes and chores.

But what if your cultural or ethnic background is not linked with an English-speaking group?

How difficult would it be to seek support when you might be unable to express yourself well in English?

This can be the problematic situation faced by members of our community who come from a Chinese background.

Great news. Help is at hand. Started last year in partnership with Anglicare NSW and Hammond Care, Hope Holistic Care provides in-home services to Chinese Australians over 65.

From domestic maintenance to personal care and organising health or wellbeing services, Hope Holistic Care offers support workers who speak the same language as the older client.

Dr Nancy Fung is Chief Operations Officer of Hope Holistic Care. She has more than 30 years experience in the aged care sector.

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“Hope Holistic Care is the only Chinese Christian organisation in Australia that provides home care services to Chinese people,” Nancy said.

While Hope Holistic Care claims to be unique it’s not the most noteworthy part, according to Nancy. The motivation behind this one-of-a-kind service is really what counts.

Listen to the full interview with Nancy Fung in the player above.