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$8.5 Million Report: The Impact of Christians in Penrith and Mt Druitt

Nick Mackay from NAYBA Australia unveiled how data and analysis can starkly reveal the value of community service.

Listen: Nick Mackay tells Ben McEachen about the social value of local Christians in Western Sydney

By Ben McEachenTuesday 29 Mar 2022Hope AfternoonsChristian LivingReading Time: 1 minute

Ever wondered about the value of volunteers and not-for-profit providers in your local area?

How can you even put a dollar amount on what they do?

NAYBA is a national, non-denominational entity that exists to help churches transform their neighbourhoods – for the greater good.

Recently, NAYBA released their Impact Audit: Penrith & Mt Druitt – areas in Sydney’s western suburbs.

Compiled in conjunction with One Church Penrith, the Impact Audit aims to put facts and figures to the community service of local Christians and Christian organisations.

Among the Impact Audit‘s key findings are:

  • annually, almost $8.5 million in social impact value to the City of Penrith and Mt Druitt; and
  • more than 140,000 people in need served during the past 12 months (more than half of the area’s population).

Nick Mackay is National Director of NAYBA Australia. He told Hope Afternoons about the importance of such an audit and also explained why NAYBE exists to encourage Christian communities to love their neighbours.

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Isn’t that just what Christians should be doing anyway?

Listen to the full conversation with Nick Mackay in the player above.