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“I’m 24, Celibate and That’s Not the Most Amazing Thing About Me”

Simon Shead is a sensible, likable young man. He also made a counter-cultural decision six years ago that has shocked many.

Listen: Simon Shead spoke with Hope Afternoon's Ben McEachen about his life-changing choice to become celibate – for Jesus

By Ben McEachenMonday 11 Oct 2021Hope AfternoonsChristian LivingReading Time: 1 minute

Like many his age, Simon Shead is a young man studying social work. He lives with two mates, likes to go running and hang out with other friends.

Simon also is celibate.

The Thornleigh student recently told all of Australia about this, on an intimate and personal SBS Insight episode.

My wife Amy and I watched it. We were particularly struck by Simon’s candour, his wisdom beyond years, and that he didn’t have two heads.

Despite the counter-cultural decision he has made to not have sexual relationships, Simon on Insight came across as the kind of mature, likable bloke you’d want your son to grow up to be.

I had to talk more with Simon. Not only to ask him about the big choice he made when he was 18.

I also wanted to know: Simon, what is it that you really want people to know about you, more than that one huge decision you made six years ago?

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Listen to the full interview with Simon Shead in the player above, where he shared more about who he is and why Jesus is more important to him than anything else.