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A Church Camp Could be the Bonding Experience Your Scattered Community Needs

By Hope 103.2Tuesday 7 Jul 2020

Does your church community feel a bit disconnected and scattered after months of not meeting? Are you looking for a way to help people reconnect and ‘bond’ again as a church family?

A church camp could be just the thing.

That’s the message of the Christian Venues Association, as COVID restrictions ease, allowing for certain types of gatherings and events – albeit with COVID-safe practices in place.

The CEO of Christian Venues Association (CVA), Graeme Janes, said after months of just “watching church services” on the internet, camps can help people form deeper relationships.

“Social isolation has taken its toll, and people everywhere are feeling the loss of connection,” he said. “Now, more than ever, churches need to find ways of creating deeper, more bonded communities within their congregations.”

People are Hungry for Connection

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Graeme referenced recent research by McCrindle showing that now is the time for the church to shine in a post-COVID Australia.

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“In coming out of isolation, one in four Australians are looking to spend more time praying or engaging in spiritual pursuits,” he said. “That is 25 percent of Australians, with their hearts open and ready to hear the gospel.”

Church Camp the COVID-Safe Way

For those wondering if going on camp is a good idea in a COVID-averse world, Graeme said all their campsites adhere closely to COVID-Safe practices.

“We have spent months supporting our members, helping them navigate the new landscape and develop COVID-Safe practices in preparation for re-opening our Christian campsites, retreats and conference centres to guests,” he said.

“Our members are ready and waiting with a warm welcome to church and other groups, with the reassurance of a safe and effective time away together.”

To find out about the CVA member campsites available, head to christianvenues.org.au.

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