Emma Mullings on Hope [video] – Hope 103.2

Emma Mullings on Hope [video]

By Emma MullingsFriday 25 May 2018

Hope. What a powerful thing it is. The dictionary definition is a feeling of expectation. But what does the Bible say?


You know, biblical hope is not a mere desire for something good to happen, it’s a confident expectation for something good in the future. It means, expect great things from God. So much comes down to hope.

What are some of your feelings when you forgive someone? One of my first thoughts is that of hope. I need to have hope in order to forgive instead of retaliate. Hope in the future. Hope in them. Hope in reconciliation.

Hope is like a reservoir of emotional strength. So many times in my life I’ve had to choose hope. And choose to anchor my hope in God. What situation in your life are you facing right now, where you need some hope.

Choose to anchor your hope in Jesus. And choose to belief for the best possible outcome for that situation. You won’t regret it.

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