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Seminar to Help Your Faith Shine in the Workplace

By Hope 103.2Thursday 22 Jun 2017

It’s easy as a Christian to feel super-inspired about your faith in church on a Sunday, and then a little let-down at work on a Monday, feeling as though your faith has to go quietly back into a box.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Your faith in Jesus can shine through in your Monday-to-Friday life, as much as it does your Saturday or Sunday.

Whether you’re a tradesman, an executive, a teacher, driver, cleaner or shelf packer, or a media personality who takes the spotlight—your Christianity can permeate your work as much as it does your worship.

The Faith and Work seminar at Morling College is designed to help you do that. The day aims to help workers to “dismantle the artificial divide between the world of faith/Church/Sunday and the world of work/life/Monday” and “live their faith out at work.”

“We want to help people from all kinds of workplaces and work environments, who are making all kinds of contributions to what God is doing in the world,” says organiser and keynote speaker Rev Dr Andrew Sloane, “to think about how being a Christian makes a difference to what they do, to who they are at work, and the ways in which their work contributes to what God is doing in this world.”

Key speakers will include

  • Mark McCrindle of McCrindle Research
  • Peter Murphy, former CEO of Christian Super
  • Andrew Sloane, Director of Postgraduate Studies, Morling College
  • John Sandeman, Editor of Eternity, Bible Society Australia

There will also be speakers from the legal, educational, aged care, building, nursing and ministry industries.

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The Details

The Faith and Work seminar runs from 9.30am to 4pm on Saturday, July 8, and costs $45 a head (food and drinks included). To book head to the Morling College event page.

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