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New App Makes Ethical Fashion Shopping Easy

Those fabulous shoes you just bought will make a big impact at tonight's party—but how will they impact the planet? Find out with the 'Good On You' app.

By Clare BruceMonday 14 Dec 2015Hope BreakfastChristian LivingReading Time: 2 minutes

Listen: Bethany Noble chats to Dan & Laura about the new ethical shopping app, “Good On You”.

So you’ve found the perfect shoes. They’re the right colour, the right shape, the right price—and they’ll make a big impact at this weekend’s Christmas party.

But what kind of impact will they make on the planet?

It’s a question that more and more shoppers are asking themselves, as the issue of consumer ethics comes increasingly under the spotlight.

Although we may prefer not to think about it, every product that is manufactured has some kind of impact on people, the planet and animals. Ethical issues range from the environmental impact of the fibres and chemicals used, to whether people are paid properly for sewing and shipping your garments.

But how can you possibly check out all these details, when you’ve only got 30 minutes of lunch break in which to make a last-minute dress purchase for tonight’s shindig?

Enter, the “Good On You” mobile app.

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Caring For People And The Planet While You Shop

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The new app, for both Android and Apple devices, is designed to take the hard work out of ethical shopping.

You can use the app to search for a brand, a store, or a particular type of product. It compares how brands rate against other, when it comes to their treatment of people, animals and the planet.

And you can even use it to ask brands a question about their ethics, or give feedback on their performance.

Good On You is a project of Ethical Consumers Australia, and the rating system has been developed by a team of experts, covering labour rights, environmental impact and animal welfare. The ratings are based on publicly available information.

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