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‘Regret is a Sign of Growth’ Says Author Zoe Coyle

"We should feel grateful to our regrets because they indicate that we've learnt and grown... if we knew better, we would've done better."

By Laura BennettThursday 6 Jul 2023UNDISTRACTEDFaithReading Time: 2 minutes

The range of human emotions are complex: from love to rage to sadness and the many others in between.

The spectrum of how we react to and process all that comes our way in life can be riddled with assumptions about how we “should” feel, “should” respond and the guilt we can carry when our feelings don’t match expectations.

Author, educator and actress Zoe Coyle has explored this dilemma in many of her characters, but it’s one in her new book The Dangers of Female Provocation that framed her conversation on Hope 103.2’s UNDISTRACTED podcast.

The book is for mature audiences: it deals with themes around marriage, trauma, betrayal and intimacy that won’t be for everyone, but at its heart is the story of a woman named Odessa who’s dealing with the realities of fear, anger and uncertainty that give us a way into dialogue around the role of rage civilised society and how good people can find themselves doing bad things.

Regret also makes an appearance, as Zoe’s protagonist Odessa reflects on the choices she’s made and their varied consequences.

“I always get a bit nervous when people say, ‘I regret nothing’,” Zoe said.

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“Because I love the idea – and it’s not mine – that we should feel grateful to our regrets because they indicate that we’ve learnt and grown, and that if we knew better, we would’ve done better.”

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Zoe also speaks about the evolution of friendships, the benefit of regret and how to accept change.

Book Cover, The Dangers Of Female Provocation

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