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Love is the ‘Greatest Political Idea’, says Indian Author & Philosopher

Indian philosopher, prolific author and social reformer Vishal Mangalwadi was interviewed by former Deputy PM John Anderson.

By Hope 103.2 NetworkTuesday 28 Feb 2023FaithReading Time: 2 minutes

“Love is a political force. It is the greatest political idea.”

This bold statement was made by Vishal Mangalwadi in his recent interview with John Anderson on his Conversations podcast series.

Vishal Mangalwadi is one of a growing number of philosophers reclaiming the centrality of the Bible for understanding the Western World.

In this conversation with John, Vishal covered some of the ways the Bible has made our modern world.

Vishal is well placed to notice the Bible’s contributions to society, which arrived in India through British colonisation.

The Indian philosopher has argued that some of the greatest human goods we now take for granted – medicine, education, nationhood and legal equality, for example – were no accident.

Instead, they resulted directly from the Bible.

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Vishal highlighted the work of early Christian missionaries such as William Carey, who dedicated their lives to humanitarian ideals including the abolition of sati (widow-burning). He also pointed to the establishing of schools across India, motivated by the command to “Love thy neighbour”.

Vishal compared this ethic with Buddhist wisdom, which calls its followers to transcend suffering by avoiding becoming attached to people.

At its worst, the wisdom of Eastern religion can descend into simple racism, as with the untouchable caste in Hinduism.

Vishal claimed Hinduism weakened India, dividing it “socially, politically and religiously”.

In stark contrast, Christianity laid the groundwork for an Indian national identity and democracy in modern India.

Vishal Mangalwadi is an Indian philosopher and social reformer who has lectured in more than 40 countries, published seventeen books (including The Book That Made Your World), and contributed to many more.

Ever since he found the religion where “God has revealed Truth in his Word and works”, Vishal has dedicated his life to a blend of study, charity work, public speaking and church support, in India and America.

John Anderson served as Deputy Prime Minister of Australia from 1999 to 2005.

A committed Christian, John now hosts a podcast where he interviews various thought leaders from around the world on topics as varied as politics, culture, academia and faith.

John is motivated by a desire to encourage open and honest discussion of important issues so that we can, as a society, reach the best possible outcomes for as many people as possible.

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