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Lost In A Big World — Morning Devotions

Sometimes the trick to not getting lost in life, isn't about knowing where you are, but instead who you are.

By Chris WittsSunday 8 Jan 2023Morning Devotions with Chris WittsFaithReading Time: 1 minute

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A little boy and his mother were shopping in a large department store one day. It was a big day out for them. Trouble was, they got separated, and Mum started searching everywhere to try and find this lost son of hers. And so she decided to have his name called out over the PA system. She was starting to get frantic. Where had he got to?

For a long time. There was no trace of him. Finally, someone found him crouching behind a counter, watching a woman giving a demonstration. Well, he was firmly reprimanded by his upset mother and told not to let go of her hand. They got back home the next day. She was outside, hanging out her washing, and she noticed her small son in the garden hiding behind a bush. What are you doing? Well, he said I had such a good time yesterday when I was lost, I was trying to lose myself again. Getting lost. It’s not an enjoyable experience. That’s why I’m glad they invented the GPS to help people like me with a poor sense of direction. but it’s so easy to get lost.

Hugh Mackay is a social researcher and novelist who has made a lifelong study of the attitudes and behaviour of Australians. He’s written some excellent books. They’re well worth buying and one is called ‘What Makes Us Tick?’ Published in 2010. His thoughts go to the heart of what it means to be truly human. I like his comments, and he speaks of the need to find meaning and to make a contribution to life, to be generous and compassionate people. But there’s a problem. I think many of us feel lost in this big world. It’s easy to feel insignificant and alone. After all, does my opinion really count? Is anyone interested in my thoughts?

Finding meaning and satisfaction to life as one of the hardest subjects to speak about who is going to provide the answer? Sure, you can buy a book or go online and read the articles, but they can often lead to more confusion. How well do you know yourself? Now that’s an even tougher question. What do you enjoy doing? What are the things you hate and what do you dream of doing? That list can go on and on. Each of us is uniquely designed to do certain things God made you to be you. So knowing who you are is a key factor in achieving success and satisfaction.

But it’s not enough. Once you know who you are, you should look towards where you want to focus your efforts, the purpose of your life and your intended destiny. The amazing thing to understand is that God wants to be part of your life, to help you make sense of life. He created you and me for a purpose. And I think our challenge is to find what that purpose is. God, who has the master plan of everything, crafted every element in the universe to perform a specific function and chief among all of God’s creation are people, human beings who we made in his own likeness for his own purpose. We should be positive about life because God created us all for a purpose. We’re not just accidents. Discovery in life is to discover our purpose. And our greatest achievement is fulfilling that.

So what books do you read? Reading connects us to People will never know across time and space. We need to stimulate our mind with constructive thoughts to broaden our own horizons. It’s interesting to read in a 2010 paper, for example, a guy named Leslie Francis who studied a group of nearly 26,000 teenagers throughout England and Wales. And he found out that those who read the Bible tended to have a stronger sense of purpose. So it seems that reading does make a difference. Find books that matter to you, and they might help you to see what matters in your own life. For example, ‘The Purpose Driven Life’, an excellent book written by Rick Warren, sold over 35 million copies and is often recommended as next to the Bible. When it comes to purpose, Discovery and this book will help you see life from God’s perspective rather than from your own.

God is a God of purpose – everything that God has ever created, he created with a purpose and for a purpose. Therefore, purpose is the original intent in the mind of our creator God. The intent of God is the will of God, and his greatest desire for you is to discover your purpose for life. So don’t get lost in this big world.

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Let’s Pray

Heavenly Father, today it seems so easy to get lost in our big world. There are so many things to do, so many people. And yet, Lord, we can find our way stumbling because we don’t know who we are or what our purpose is. Give us the desire to discover you and your will for my life, amen.