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Why Peter Chose to Learn Sign Language to Serve Others

"We are all called to share the word of Christ... but not everyone has hearing."

Listen: Peter Anderson tells Ben McEachen about why he chose to become an Auslan translator

By Ben McEachenThursday 24 Mar 2022Hope AfternoonsFaithReading Time: 2 minutes

Peter Anderson is the sort of man who blows my mind with his everyday thoughtfulness and actions.

I’m someone who can take a bit of time to do things. I like to mull things over. Weigh it all up. As I do that, I can often push thoughtfulness and actions to one side, and forget about it.

Then I remember it again and come back to whatever it was I was meant to be responding to. Time passes. Still, I might not act.

On the other hand, Peter sat in church for a few weeks, noticed how there was only ever one person doing Auslan translating. The same person. Every week. Doing the full sign-language translation.

That looks like a hard job, Peter thought. Someone else should help out and translate for those who are deaf or hearing impaired.

“I just saw this lady every week doing the whole thing by herself and I just felt this calling, this compassion, to go down there and help,” Peter told Hope Afternoons.

Rather than just sit there and observe a need, Peter acted.

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Although he did not have any family or friends who were deaf or hearing impaired, Peter wanted to get involved in Auslan.

How Peter became an Auslan translator involved much study, time and dedication. But this humble and generous person from Wentworthville was glad he learned a new language to assist others who struggle to communicate.

“I went to TAFE, learned sign language, and I started to help interpret the church services,” Peter said.

“Other times, when I have worked in security, or been walking around the streets some times, I have come across people at the shops who are deaf. And I’ve been able to help them [communicate with others].

“We are all called to share the word of Christ… but not everyone has hearing.”

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