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“Why I Pray For You, Even Though We Don’t Know Each Other”

Karen Beckman is a volunteer with the Hope and Prayer Team. She loves bringing your needs and prayer requests to God.

Listen: Hope & Prayer volunteer Karen Beckman tells Ben McEachen about why she loves praying for others

By Ben McEachenFriday 29 Apr 2022Hope MorningsFaithReading Time: 2 minutes

Even though you most likely haven’t met Karen Beckman, she just might be praying for you right now. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic erupted in early 2020, Karen answered the call from Hope 103.2 for prayer volunteers.

“I received an email that suggested some people like to pray for others,” Karen said to Hope Mornings about being prompted to join the Hope and Prayer Team.

“We were at home and didn’t really have much ministry, so I thought this could be a really I could do.

“I could receive these prayer requests, pray for people and then I could respond to let them know.”

That’s correct. Real people, like Karen, are part of the Hope and Prayer Team.

These incredible volunteers pray for you when you submit prayer requests via the Hope website or Hope 103.2 app.

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Since joining the Team and praying regularly for people she hasn’t met, Karen has dedicated plenty of prayer time to all sorts of prayer points from finances to relationship dysfunction, illness to marital stress.

“Some people’s needs are huge,” Karen said.

“Some are in dire straits and I feel in agony for them.

“I want to encourage people to hold on. Keep going. Keep trusting in God and handing it over.”

“I want to encourage people to hold on. Keep going. Keep trusting in God and handing it over,” – Karen, part of the Hope & Prayer team

Not only is the Hope and Prayer Team united with you in bringing your needs, requests and thanks to God, they are thrilled to do it.

Just ask Karen: “I like being able to hand things over to God… I’ve always liked praying.”

“I’ve always enjoyed it, even though some times it is hard. The devil likes to keep you from it but it is a great privilege to be able to pray for someone,” she said.

“And if someone has a need, and I say I will pray for about that, I feel very convicted that I must pray for them.”

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