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The Difference The Bible Makes to a Conference

Bible Society Australia CEO Grant Thomson invites you to a united gathering around the Word of God.

By Ben McEachenMonday 29 Aug 2022Hope MorningsFaithReading Time: 1 minute

For the first time, Bible Society Australia is putting on The Bible Conference.

It might sound like a bit of a no brainer for the Bible Society (BSA) to share and celebrate the Bible, but BSA CEO Grant Thomson told Hope Mornings that the in-person and online conference is unusual in the Christian landscape of Australia because of its dedicated focus upon God’s Word.

With speakers such as Andy Crouch, Christine Caine and Simon Smart, The Bible Conference on Friday, September 2, will not only call us all back to the Bible, it will also be an opportunity for those in the body of Christ to express their unity, rather than division.

Listen to the full interview with Grant Thomson in the player above.