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RICE Keeps Serving Jesus to the Next Generation

Steve and Naomi Chong have been part of a Christian movement for 20 years. For God's glory, they want it to continue – in a fresh way.

By Ben McEachenFriday 2 Dec 2022Hope MorningsFaithReading Time: 1 minute

For the past two decades, RICE Movement has had a passion for revival. Jesus-shaped, Jesus-centred revival.

Started in 2002 by Steve and Naomi Chong, with others, RICE Movement (Renewal, Inter-Church Evangelism) is not a Christian church or denominational project.

It is a collective forged in large rallies akin to Billy Graham crusades, calling younger people to give their life to Jesus and then live it out.

As Naomi and Steve told Hope Mornings in a lengthy, candid and revealing interview, the RICE events quickly appealed to younger Asian Australians.

Still fired up about reaching younger people with the good news, the Chongs have realised it is time for a RICE change.

Launching a fresh iteration of RICE on Saturday, December 3, Steve and Naomi want the highs and lows of two decades in public ministry to positively inform what comes next.

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Aside from celebrating the wins and acknowledging mistakes made, the Chongs pray RICE remains what it has strived to be – a movement of God’s kingdom.

RICE Movement Steve and Naomi Chong

Source: ricemovement.org / RICE Movement Steve and Naomi Chong

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